"It’s crazy to think that sometimes I feel the need to tell God how to run my life, no God do this, No God why this, Why God why now, how Come not yet God, I’m telling the very person who spoke my very life into existence how to run it, I get so caught up in what I think is best for me that I completely dismiss God and his very words “My plans are to prosper you and not to harm you” I can’t just trust God half way I have to trust God the whole way. Stop at nothing. To trust that God knows more about this life than I do and that his plans are perfect."
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Kati din pachii feeling relieved!!! Thank U Jesus. Just realized today that all this testing and trails made me understand my heart better as u showed me how weak my faith is; yet u remain faithful, constant, good and always hope the best in me. This one week has been painful but nothing beats that moment when God answers your prayers. Truly touched.

Girls on diet be like pretending to eat food they want off a tablet.

6/? gifs of K-drama “To The Beautiful You”

my hobbies include sleeping and disappointing everyone close to me


"I love sleeping to avoid problems."
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i love your eyes they are amazing.

Haha! Thanks for the compliment x


And if sorrow clouds your soul, don’t fight it; allow the tears to flow. We are not meant to be invincible, we bruise easily, and the heart is soft; prone to bleed at the slightest touch. It is in those moments of sadness that we must be brave enough to allow Christ in, to let Him be present in our pain; our sorrow is seen by Christ.

One day He will wipe away every tear, He will hold us tight, but for now we must pray through the pain. Just know that Christ shares our pain, He understands the sorrow that is within you, for He was a man of many sorrows. He wept alone, He was tormented and forsaken. Believe me, a man who has been forsaken such as Christ; will never forsake you. Jesus is the only person who knows all that you have been through, He is the only one who knows the deepest darkest spots of your soul, and still, He remains.

Jesus has the scars to prove that He is trust worthy, He has the only heart that bled for you; and He will never stop loving you.

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